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Okanagan Nation Alliance

kɬúsx̌nítkw (Okanagan Lake) Responsibility Planning Initiative (OKLRPI)

This project is strengthening the wellbeing of the Okanagan watershed, and advancing Sylix stewardship practices and values, through the completion and implementation of the siwɬkʷ (Water) Responsibility Plan. The Responsibility Plan will set out clear and comprehensive actions for creating legislative and policy reforms that support syilx water stewardship, traditional practices, and shared decision-making to restore and protect the watershed. The siwɬkʷ (Water) Responsibility Plan will also provide strategic direction for local and provincial land use plans and foster financial partnerships between all levels of government for implementing the siwɬkʷ (Water) Responsibility Plan.

Photo: Okanagan Nation Alliace



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Thompson/ Okanagan

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