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Canada Pledges $5.5 Million to Bolster Climate and Flood Mapping Initiatives

Photo: Aaron Vincent Elkaim / The Narwhal

Canada Seeks Proposals for Flood Mapping, Climate Projects

Canadians are already grappling with the impacts of climate change, with extreme weather events becoming more frequent and severe. As climate-related natural disasters, including floods, threaten communities, adaptation is of utmost importance.

Canada is stepping up its commitment with an investment of $5.5 million to bolster critical projects in the fields of flood mapping, climate science, hydrologic prediction, and hydrometric innovation. Notably, a significant portion of this funding, totaling $4 million, is drawn from the National Adaptation Strategy, specifically designated to propel research in climate and flood mapping.


“As we have felt this past summer, climate change is affecting us all in Canada. The devastating impacts of flooding are a clear sign that we need to invest in flood science and mapping as part of Canada’s National Adaptation Strategy. This funding will leverage the expertise of Canadian universities and researchers to collaborate with our own scientists to build stronger flood maps and account for the certain effects of climate change.” – The Honourable Steven Guilbeault, Minister of Environment and Climate Change

Environment and Climate Change Canada is now accepting applications for a significant funding initiative, disbursed under four key streams:

  1. Priority Climate Data, Services, and Assessments

  2. Flood Hazard Identification and Mapping Program

  3. Hydrologic Prediction

  4. Innovation in Hydrometry

Eligible applicants encompass a diverse range of stakeholders, including non-governmental environmental organizations, Indigenous organizations, academic institutions, provincial and territorial governments, and community groups. Communities across Canada are invited to apply for these funds, ensuring that the benefits extend from coast to coast.

The application window is open until October 31, 2023. Are there particular climate resilience projects you believe should be prioritized in your community? If you have a project aligned with any of these streams, learn more about eligibility and apply here.

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