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B.C. Government Restructures Water Management

After a challenging summer marked by drought and wildfires, British Columbia is embarking on a reorganization of the Water, Land, and Resource Stewardship Ministry, created in April 2022. These extreme challenges demonstrated the shortcomings of current management and a need for a different approach to water management and decision making in B.C. The changes have Minister Nathan Cullen taking on additional water related responsibilities, along with several other functions, in a significant transfer of responsibilities from the Ministry of Forests. The shift acknowledges the intricate relationship between land and water and emphasizes the need for an integrated approach to land and water management. Through the redistribution of these responsibilities from the Ministry of Forests, the government's objective is to bolster water protection and sustainability across the province. Simultaneously, this shift allows the Ministry of Forests to redirect its efforts toward reinforcing B.C.'s wildfire response and mitigation.

"It’s very much what we heard in response from industry, First Nations, environment groups, just in having more clear accountability, line of sight, on some of these really big issues" — Nathan Cullen

These changes build upon the reorganization that commenced in 2022. Officials have expressed that the restructuring will help align with government's objectives of collaborating with First Nations, addressing climate change, promoting sustainable economic growth, and ensuring that the resources in British Columbia benefit local communities and residents. In the announcement, Premier Eby emphasized, "Water is not distinct from land; it's intricately connected with land use planning, and all these efforts fall under the purview of our Water, Land, and Resource Stewardship Ministry." We hope this change in responsibilities will make it easier for governments and communities to work towards the resiliency and security of our watersheds across the province.

Access the Province of B.C.'s Information Note here

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